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Posted on 06-09-2015

Obviously when one hurts their low back in an auto accident one of the symptoms is of course low back pain. However, there are potential serious conditions that cause lower back pain. Some examples are: Sciatica: Pain radiating down through the buttock and along the back of the leg, usually stopping above the knee, but occasionally (if more severe) going below the knee. Generally if the pain is going below the knee it is usually due to compression of the nerve at the spinal level or nerve root. This is caused many times by a herniated disk or spinal stenosis. Often times if the pain is above the knee it involves a peripheral irritation of the nerve (away from the spine). This can be caused by tightness/inflammation in the gluts, or lower back muscles etc. Fractures: are rare in most auto injuries but can happen and are ruled out by X‑Ray examination. Visceral Trauma: Lower back pain unrelieved by rest, constant and worse at night is a potential serious symptom which should be checked out. If an injury to the abdomen occurred this type of injury is typically more likely. Tingling: Along with numbness, and especially weakness can be a sign of very serious nerve injury. Often times this is due to a herniated disk, or spinal stenosis or direct nerve pathology. Injuries to the lower back will cause these symptoms to go down one leg. Urinary Retention or Incontinence: A very serious symptom that deserves an immediate visit to the ER. This could be Cauda Equina Syndrome and could cause permanent symptoms if not taken care of immediately.

Joseph Medlin D.C.

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